Dudek Awarded EIRs for Major Aquatic Park Improvements

The City of San Diego has selected Dudek to provide environmental impact studies for two separate projects as part of  major upgrades planned for the city’s  high-profile Mission Bay Park, the largest aquatic park of its kind in the United States. The 4,600-acre half-land, half-water park is visited by more than 15 million people each…

How to Identify Regulated Wetlands

Man-made, moved or maintained jurisdictional waters of the United States and/or waters of the state of California (wetlands) often occur in the most unlikely places. Unsuspecting property owners may be lulled into a false sense of security with the notion that their improvement project is not subject to federal regulation by the U.S. Army Corps…

In-Lieu Fee Programs Offer “Win-Win” Compensatory Mitigation

In-lieu fee (ILF) programs present a desirable option to both project permittees and local resource conservation districts (RCD) for offsetting wetland impacts. An ILF program matches the permittee’s compensatory mitigation need with an RCD’s charter to be the on-the-ground leader for conservation efforts in their local community.

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