Tips for Infill Battery Energy Storage Permitting

Powin Energy’s 2-megawatt (MW)/8-MW-hour battery energy storage system (BESS) recently went online fewer than six months after the project was awarded, marking an energy industry first for the speed of manufacturing, installing, and commissioning of an asset of this size on a distribution feeder.

How to Expedite ACOE Permitting Processes

The process of securing regulatory permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) can seem challenging and overwhelming. However, the ACOE’s goal is to earn and maintain the public’s trust and work together with applicants to improve the process.

5 Steps to Faster Coastal Development Permit Approvals

Achieving California Coastal Commission (CCC) permit approval can be complicated, time consuming, and expensive, however communication, clarity, and careful planning can expedite the permit process. Dudek Coastal Planner Alison Evans and Biologist Kam Muri offer 5 tips to ensuring efficient coastal development permit approvals.  

How to Identify Regulated Wetlands

Man-made, moved or maintained jurisdictional waters of the United States and/or waters of the state of California (wetlands) often occur in the most unlikely places. Unsuspecting property owners may be lulled into a false sense of security with the notion that their improvement project is not subject to federal regulation by the U.S. Army Corps…

How to Negotiate Permits that Ensure Project Success

Negotiating project-appropriate conditions for your environmental permits will help avoid costly consequences, such as construction delays, tied-up bonding capacity, and extraneous years of site mitigation, monitoring and maintenance.

In-Lieu Fee Programs Offer “Win-Win” Compensatory Mitigation

In-lieu fee (ILF) programs present a desirable option to both project permittees and local resource conservation districts (RCD) for offsetting wetland impacts. An ILF program matches the permittee’s compensatory mitigation need with an RCD’s charter to be the on-the-ground leader for conservation efforts in their local community.

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