How to Restore Aquatic Habitat to Increase Fish Populations

Restoring California fish habitat is crucial to maintain native fish species as anadromous and other native fish populations decline in California rivers and streams. Drought conditions have exacerbated competition for dwindling water resources, increased aquatic habitat degradation, and contributed to invasions of non-native fish species.

Dudek’s Habitat Restoration Sciences Acquires Restoration Resources

Carlsbad, CA – October 12, 2015 – Habitat Restoration Sciences Inc. (HRS) announced today that it acquired Restoration Resources of Rocklin, California to create the largest native habitat restoration construction firm in California.

Effectively Negotiating Environmental Permits

Michael Sweesy, RLA,  leads Dudek’s native habitat restoration practice and Sherri Miller manages the firm’s biology practice. They have extensive experience negotiating environmental permits with resource agencies on behalf of private and public clients with development projects in California.  The following are their insights on effective negotiating.

Tahoe Creek Restoration Project Wins Award

  The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency has awarded Dudek and its subsidiary, Habitat Restoration Sciences (HRS), the Best in Basin award for the firm’s work restoring Lower Blackwood Creek. Restoring native habitat was needed to correct  over  a century of disturbance that severely degraded the creek, a critical spawning area for rainbow trout living in…

Preserve Wetlands Restoration Project Completed

Dudek’s habitat restoration specialists provided environmental services to help the City of Carlsbad design, permit and construct its new scenic Lake Calavera Preserve boardwalk trails and wetland restoration.   Over 900 feet of above-ground boardwalks offer a much better way to cross creek while protecting fragile plants and adding a half acre of new wetlands…

Treating Drought-Stressed California Oaks

  While California’s oak trees are well adapted to survive the state’s drought, the right approach to supplemental irrigation is critical to prevent pests from taking advantage of drought-stressed oaks. Oaks will reallocate resources to conserve water to sustain basic physiological functions. But that can lower the trees’ defenses against disease and insects, including borer…

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