Do You Know the Difference Between Hydrology and Hydraulics?

Water is Earth’s most critical fluid in environmental processes and human life. When discussing stormwater management it is important to make the distinction between hydrology and hydraulics.  Some aspects of hydrology involve hydraulics but, in general, the two are very different.  Here’s how to understand these differences.

Will Your Flood Control System Work in a 100-Year Event?

Many California counties use the 100-year storm as the design storm for regional flood control facilities and stormwater related capital improvements. However new data show that storm will be more intense than previously thought.

Murphy’s Storm: Is Your Infrastructure At More Risk Than You Think?

Perhaps inspiring Murphy’s later pronouncement, mathematician Augustus De Morgan said, “Whatever can happen, will happen if we make trials enough.” At some point, your flood infrastructure will be tested by a storm event equal to or larger than the event it was designed to withstand.

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