How to Restore Aquatic Habitat to Increase Fish Populations

Restoring California fish habitat is crucial to maintain native fish species as anadromous and other native fish populations decline in California rivers and streams. Drought conditions have exacerbated competition for dwindling water resources, increased aquatic habitat degradation, and contributed to invasions of non-native fish species.

8 New California Environmental Laws You Need to Know

In 2016, several laws that concern the environment have come into effect in California. Do you know which ones may impact you?

California’s At-Risk Urban Forests

The 177 million trees in California’s urban forests are at-risk as state-mandated water cuts start to significantly reduce irrigation vital to mostly non-native, ornamental trees.  For context of the threat, 12 million native trees in California’s wildlands have died due to the extended drought.

Rapid Assessment Monitoring Detects Early Threats to Drought-Stressed Native Oaks

California’s extended drought has put native oaks into survival mode as soils dry out at greater depths and water becomes less accessible. The trees conserve water use by decreasing transpiration and reducing the amount of tissue requiring water.

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