Jayme Timberlake to Present at Girls in Ocean Science Conference

Dudek biologist and habitat restoration expert Jayme Timberlake will present a demonstration depicting native habitat assessment and the benefits of habitat restoration in coastal and wetland areas at the February 18 Girls in Ocean Science (GIOS) conference at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, CA.  The two-day event is dedicated to inspiring middle school and…

How to Expedite ACOE Permitting Processes

The process of securing regulatory permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) can seem challenging and overwhelming. However, the ACOE’s goal is to earn and maintain the public’s trust and work together with applicants to improve the process.

5 Steps to Faster Coastal Development Permit Approvals

Achieving California Coastal Commission (CCC) permit approval can be complicated, time consuming, and expensive, however communication, clarity, and careful planning can expedite the permit process. Dudek Coastal Planner Alison Evans and Biologist Kam Muri offer 5 tips to ensuring efficient coastal development permit approvals.  

GSPs Require Stakeholder Outreach

Developing groundwater sustainability plans (GSPs) requires solid technical analysis and a skillful stakeholder outreach and consensus program to successfully comply with California’s newly adopted Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). Water purveyors, farmers, landowners, and resource agencies must determine the right amount of groundwater production for agricultural output on thousands of acres while maintaining municipal supply and…

Managing Shot Hole Borer Infestation

The polyphagous shot hole borer (PSHB), a forest pest from Southwest Asia, is attacking and killing  hundreds of California native tree species, including coast live oak, western sycamore, and red willow. While most bark beetles feed on the tree itself,  PSHB feeds on a fungus it introduces and transports from tree to tree. The fungus…

How to Negotiate Permits that Ensure Project Success

Negotiating project-appropriate conditions for your environmental permits will help avoid costly consequences, such as construction delays, tied-up bonding capacity, and extraneous years of site mitigation, monitoring and maintenance.

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