Managing Shot Hole Borer Infestation

The polyphagous shot hole borer (PSHB), a forest pest from Southwest Asia, is attacking and killing  hundreds of California native tree species, including coast live oak, western sycamore, and red willow. While most bark beetles feed on the tree itself,  PSHB feeds on a fungus it introduces and transports from tree to tree. The fungus…

Pursuing the Path to Historic Designation

California is home to countless historic places, some dating back more than a century, and many of which carry no official historic designation. Historic designation on local, state or national registers offers a variety of benefits to property owners and communities, including the formal recognition of a property’s historical or architectural significance, the promotion and…

How to Identify Regulated Wetlands

Man-made, moved or maintained jurisdictional waters of the United States and/or waters of the state of California (wetlands) often occur in the most unlikely places. Unsuspecting property owners may be lulled into a false sense of security with the notion that their improvement project is not subject to federal regulation by the U.S. Army Corps…

How to Negotiate Permits that Ensure Project Success

Negotiating project-appropriate conditions for your environmental permits will help avoid costly consequences, such as construction delays, tied-up bonding capacity, and extraneous years of site mitigation, monitoring and maintenance.

Environmental Awareness Training Avoids Project Delays

Thorough knowledge and understanding of a project site is essential to ensure construction occurs in compliance with agency regulations. Proper environmental awareness training (EAT) prior to construction activities can help avoid delays due to unexpected wildlife on site.

Do You Know the Difference Between Hydrology and Hydraulics?

Water is Earth’s most critical fluid in environmental processes and human life. When discussing stormwater management it is important to make the distinction between hydrology and hydraulics.  Some aspects of hydrology involve hydraulics but, in general, the two are very different.  Here’s how to understand these differences.

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